About us

Not only the local production but also the good things of "Kyotamba" are disseminated to the world!

Based on the group of each field of agricultural products of Kyoto · Tamba, we will give out the name of "Kyoto · Tamba" which makes maximum use of "experience" and "geographical advantage".

We will propose other special products processed as well as special products representing Kyotamba.

Company name WAIRA TAMBA Corporation - Waira Tamba -
Head Office Tani-28 Toyota, Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto-fu 622-0231
Phone number 0771-82-0312
FAX 0771-82-2333
Mail address
Representative CEO Tanaka Toshiaki
Establishment April 2015
Business contents Product planning / Manufacturing / Sales