What is Waira Tamba?


A special place for agricultural products "Kyotamba"

Kyotamba is located in the upstream part of the Yura River system in the Tanba Plateau, surrounded by Mt.

Water is an important factor in agriculture. The boundary that traverses the Japanese archipelago passes through the ridge from Kyotamba Town to Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Mt. is said to spring up. This region, which has both the characteristics of the Sea of Japan climate and the inland climate, has a very large temperature difference between day and night. The amount of rainfall tends to be relatively low throughout the year, but the high-quality water that springs from Mt.

These high-quality water, moisture from the fog, and the extreme temperature difference combine to create special crops here in Kyotamba.


Conveying the charm of Kyotamba

Waira Tamba is a company that produces, plans, processes, distributes, sells, and publicizes special materials.

Waira Tamba is the company that produces, plans, processes, distributes, sells and publicizes such special materials.

Communicate better things more deliciously and widely.

Waira Tamba does not just sell food products, but conveys the charm of Kyotanba as a cultural tradition that connects the local area and the world.